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Stop struggling with your bore and quit worrying about pack offs and cave ins. The HDD market is evolving and presenting the industry with a unique set of challenges. It doesn’t matter if you are a single unit operator or have a fleet of MAXIE rigs, fluids can make or break a job. If you’d like to find out how to get bores drilled faster, with less problems and for less money we should talk. Horizontal Directional Drilling has always been especially challenging while drilling in loosely consolidated formations. Applying our O&G industry expertise in fluid additive product development and manufacturing processes we have put together a fluid system that excels in sand and other loosely consolidated formations. Call us for better Bore Hole Control.

Quit struggling with bore hole control. It just doesn’t have to be that difficult. You need a break and we can show you how to win the fight and leave your Bore Hole Control difficulties in the past. The primary reason for using a Ven-BHC fluid system is hole cleaning. Ven-BHC will modify the rheology of bentonite to provide superior hole cleaning capabilities, increased ROP and a reduction of whole fluid lost to the formation which will all result in  reducing overall drilling costs. We can teach you how to incorporate Ven-BHC into your drilling fluid program, how to build a Ven-BHC fluid system and how to teach others why a system that is built with Ven-BHC as the foundation will drill more holes faster and with less problems than any other HDD fluid currently available. Call us for a consultation, you’ll be glad you did..

VEN-BHC Fluid System 

Do you think you have to use specialty bentonite and costly xc polymers to build your HDD fluids? Are you still getting your drill stuck and having bores cave in? We can show you how to build an HDD fluid without XC polymers and with any grade of bentonite that will have better hole cleaning and cuttings carrying capacity than an XC fluid could ever be capable of delivering. Give us a call and we can show you how we can help you to reduce your costs and frustrations while increasing your profits and opportunities.