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We understand this is a critical stage in making a successful well and the decisions made now will have lasting effects. Time is critical and operations need to run smoothly. We have been helping operators navigate aspects of the workover and completions process with proven methods and cutting edge chemical compositions. Call us for a consultation to see how we can help your operations run as smooth as possible.


With the daily pressure to meet the new demands in today’s industry, there is a growing need to improve operational and economic efficiencies within depleted formations.  With this growing demand for safe, cost-effective solutions to Low Bottom Hole Pressure Drillouts, there are too many service companies saying they are solving problems with technologies they don’t understand & selling products that are not necessary.  Enventives helps operators and service companies truly understand what is and isn’t possible with the Aphron Fluid Technology and how it can best fit into a successful completion and workover project.  We can help you determine if the Aphron System is the right solution for your work and then help you execute a plan that gives you the confidence your wells will always return to maximum production.


We know how it feels to not get what you paid for and the devastating results to your formation that occur when choosing the wrong product and the wrong team to work with. Our products deliver the viscosity you paid for without the fish eyes, contaminants and fillers typically seen with foreign source based products. Schedule a call to get the performance you require and the relief of collaborating with a team that cares. We offer many different concentrations, base fluids and the packaging to suit your needs. Stop wasting money, and learn how our liquid viscosity products will deliver the results you need to achieve success. 


Friction Reducers are known by many names: FR, Drag Reducers, Pressure Reducers to name a few.  They come in many variations, and many price points. The confusion is as bad as the LCM marketplace. Unit cost obsessions only drive dilution. If performance and cost savings are your goal, schedule a call to learn how we can deliver the best results for your bottom line.


Want a little chemical with your water? Plenty of folks with a tub and paddle are selling their highly diluted concoctions for significant profit. Separation, incompatibility, or just too diluted to produce adequate results – Enough yet? If performance and cost savings are your goal, schedule a call to learn how we can deliver the best results for your bottom line whether you need field strength or want to learn about concentrated blends so that you are not paying and transporting unnecessary water and fillers.


Starting with the definitive textbook on the prevention, control, removal and use of mineral scale – Water-Formed Scale Deposits by Jack C. Cowan & Donald J. Weintritt, we have a long history with effective solutions in this segment. Oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, and the other water treating chemicals to meet your needs. Schedule a call to learn how we can help develop a treatment plan for your biggest challenges.