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From patenting the original core technology for seepage-loss additives to the ground breaking AphronICS Fluid System, we are continually bringing new and innovative solutions to the industry. Inventing and manufacturing is our core business and our results are industry proven. Let us help your company get ahead of the curve while staying within your budget.

Loss Circulation

As a drilling engineer or mud company manager we understand the hurdles you face when it comes to well bore stability and lost circulation problems. You should feel empowered by the products you choose and the results that are delivered. The market for wellbore stability and lost circulation products is cluttered, confusing and irrational. It does not have to be. 

We have a process that works. We manufacture premium LCM and Wellbore Stability products and sell them to mud companies, drilling fluid suppliers and 3rd party LCM companies at prices that enable them to deliver the product to an operator’s wellsite at a price that works for all of us involved. 

The solution is right here, Enventives. Premium Products at Fair Prices. What’s the catch? Well, we don’t have the sales budget for those Vegas vacations or Exotic hunting trips that result from overspending on your LCM’s. Wellbore Stability is a big enough headache, don’t make it worse by getting ripped off. Call us today to quit overpaying for underperforming products.

Fluid Loss

We know you have options for the prevention and remediation of HTHP fluid loss and that losing filtrate to the formation can cost valuable time and cause rheology and density problems that when left unchecked will balloon into even more problems. Enventives has been the world’s leader in modified lignite technologies for use in non damaging HTHP fluids. We know we can help you with fluid loss solutions for all types of fluids and temperature requirements. Call us for a consultation and introduction to high performance modified lignite derivatives for your HTHP fluid applications.

Well Bore Stability

We know there are plenty of product options for the enhancement of wellbore stability and remediation of lost circulation. Trying to make sense of the pricing and performance of the products offered by hundreds of resellers takes more time than any of us have. Prevention is the most cost-effective treatment for lost circulation. Wellbore Stability starts with prevention of a micro-fracture becoming a macro-fracture.  This is done with proper selection of particles for proper sealing and isolation of the micro-fractures and providing the wellbore with strengthening and stress cage enhancing capabilities.  We have developed a portfolio of product options to prevent and remediate lost circulation and enhance wellbore stability. We will help guide you to a product or combination of products to fulfill your needs and budget. We will advise on the best use of our products prior, during and after application to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction. For those conditions when wellbore stability problems can not be prevented by simply maintaining good drilling fluid properties and sound drilling practices we believe we have the product solutions that deliver the results you expect. Stop losing fluid and start winning more opportunities when Enventives has your back. Call us for a consultation and introduction to cost effective wellbore stability and rest assured you can stop overspending on underperforming products. 

Fluid Systems

We understand the complexities that go into choosing a drilling fluid system. There are many different kinds of drilling fluids systems, but these systems have one thing in common, they determine the kind of results you get, how easily you get them and your overall well construction costs. Selecting the best system is a delicate balance between these three variables. You want to have results and speed maximized while minimizing the effort required. 

Enventives has drilling fluid systems and products that can help you overcome these hurdles. We will work directly with you or your drilling fluid service provider to help ensure your requirements are being met. Call us today to start getting better results tomorrow.


Stop struggling with your bore and quit worrying about pack offs and cave ins. The HDD market is evolving and presenting the industry with a unique set of challenges. It doesn’t matter if you are a single unit operator or have a fleet of MAXIE rigs, fluids can make or break a job. If you’d like to find out how to get bores drilled faster, with less problems and for less money we should talk. Horizontal Directional Drilling has always been especially challenging while drilling in loosely consolidated formations. Applying our O&G industry expertise in fluid additive product development and manufacturing processes we have put together a fluid system that excels in sand and other loosely consolidated formations. Call us for better Bore Hole Control.


Viscosity (building and controlling) is the name of the game when it comes to O&G fluids.  Without proper viscosity the potential for catastrophic results are imminent, from formation cave-ins, fluid invasion, inefficient solids removal, stuck pipe or loss of ROP – all costly headaches that you do not need. For over 40 years we have been helping customers like you perfect their fluid rheologies to maximize the potential and cost effectiveness of their drilling fluid programs. Schedule a call today, we are here to help.



We understand this is a critical stage in making a successful well and the decisions made now will have lasting effects. Time is critical and operations need to run smoothly. We have been helping operators navigate aspects of the workover and completions process with proven methods and cutting edge chemical compositions. Call us for a consultation to see how we can help your operations run as smooth as possible.


Doesn’t matter what your base fluid is, if extended reach, torque reduction and increased ROP are your goals we have a lube to meet your needs. Starting with our high performance, environmentally friendly, natural based Ven-Lube I to our synthetic lubrication technology, we have the right lube to meet your biggest challenges. Schedule a call with us to learn more about portfolio of lube solutions. 


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world if you’re digging a hole you’re going to have to deal with stubborn clays at some point. There are as many products as there are holes in the ground so you may like our company philosophy of selling good products at fair prices.  You don’t have to be like most of your competitors and choose to overpay for inferior copies or cuts of our products. We have helped supply building blocks for many inhibitive fluid systems. Utilizing our modified lignite background, polymer and surfactant chemistries and quality sulphonated asphalts we can help you beat back the clay and keep making hay. We’d be happy to discuss your fluid system needs and determine if we can assist in improving your efficiency.


Maybe you have an idea or different application in mind? The chemistry we develop and the processes we have, can be utilized in many other categories both inside and outside of the energy industry. From Lubes to Foundry additives, everything else is here.  If you see something that you like or would like to discuss something you may think we can help you with – give us a call.  Work that matters, with people that care.


From patenting the original core technology for seepage-loss additives to the ground breaking AphronICS Fluid System, we are continually bringing new and innovative solutions to the industry. Inventing and manufacturing is our core business and our results are industry proven. Let us help your company get ahead of the curve while staying within your budget.