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From patenting the original core technology for seepage-loss additives to the ground breaking AphronICS Fluid System, we are continually bringing new and innovative solutions to the industry. Inventing and manufacturing is our core business and our results are industry proven. Let us help your company get ahead of the curve while staying within your budget.


The Fiber with a “Y”.  The original seepage loss product by the people that invented, patented and coined the term micronized cellulose fiber. Ven-Fyber – micronized cellulose products built from Where it all Started.  Ven-Fyber is the core of how we started, premium products at fair prices.  Often copied, but only we can supply you with the original, premium cellulose technology and the knowledge that comes with all of the various improvements since its inception. Enventives Fiber with a “Y” technology may be the best kept secret in drilling fluids, come see for yourself and start getting the results you’ve been expecting. 


Delta P™ is the most often imitated Micronized Cellulose Fyber Product – Period.  Engineers and drilling fluid pros like to have options. Delta P products are and have always been about options. The Original Delta P (still available today) was developed for customers that needed an option to Ven-Fyber 201.  Delta P products provide a high level of performance in the most challenging applications. Utilizing the industry’s best history of seepage loss product design guarantees solid product performance in the most demanding conditions.  Delta P products will get you back on track fast, and give you the results you need to be a success.  Delta P has been getting wells to TD longer than any other micronized cellulose product on the market and that tradition continues with the newly developed variations designed to make your wellbore stability programs the envy of the field. 


Stop playing defense against lost circulation, Remedy will spearhead your offense against lost circulation. Remedy was designed by listening to our clients like you and providing solutions to your needs. A product that mixes fast, that controls extreme seepage loss and stops lost circulation. You will maximize the results of your drilling fluid wellbore stability program and be prepared to attack loss circulation. Remedy products are multi-functional and well suited to background, sweep or pill applications. Remedy products are the best selling single sack solutions in the Enventives product line. Remedy is a field proven solution to effectively seal formations prone to loss circulation, minimizing non-productive down-time and reducing operating cost. Remedy gets Returns!


You do not need a PhD to understand the important aspects of our fluid loss products. The chemical conversion of lignites to achieve fluid loss control in drilling fluids has been around forever.  Our lineage goes back  to the original wells that legitimized oilbased drilling fluids, and the lignite derivatives used then and now. We may be best known for our Ven-Chem product line of modified lignites.  Whether it’s oil based or water based, we have the derivative to meet your needs and can help you formulate a complete fluid to meet your needs. There are many misconceptions and false advertisements about the performance of lignite derivatives and what is really important when choosing the best option.We are here to help, schedule a call to learn about these non formation damaging solutions and how they can save you money.


Quit struggling with bore hole control. It just doesn’t have to be that difficult. You need a break and we can show you how to win the fight and leave your Bore Hole Control difficulties in the past. The primary reason for using a Ven-BHC fluid system is hole cleaning. Ven-BHC will modify the rheology of bentonite to provide superior hole cleaning capabilities, increased ROP and a reduction of whole fluid lost to the formation which will all result in reducing overall drilling costs. We can teach you how to incorporate Ven-BHC into your drilling fluid program, how to build a Ven-BHC fluid system and how to teach others why a system that is built with Ven-BHC as the foundation will drill more holes faster and with less problems than any other HDD fluid currently available. Call us for a consultation, you’ll be glad you did.


The problems associated with developing severely depleted reservoirs can be a frustrating challenge. Enventives understand your frustrations and believe you can successfully mitigate these problems. We have a history of research, development and manufacture of products and fluid systems specifically targeted to address your depleted formation requirements. Aphron Fluid systems have helped operators and drilling fluids companies to eliminate casing strings from their well design since the mid 1990’s reducing overall days on location and well construction costs. Aphron Fluid systems have reduced the chemical costs and days required for clean up and completion operations and wells drilled with Aphron Fluid systems have shown increases in reservoir performance. Our Aphron Fluid system is a solids-free system that is unmatched in drilling depleted zones, excels as a clean out fluid and can offer loss circulation control in a growing number of applications. When you see opportunity where others can only see obstacles call Enventives.


We can all agree that viscosity profiles and solids suspension are vital to your oil and synthetic based fluid systems. Enventives has invested years of research into getting the best viscosities for our dollars and we believe in passing our knowledge on to our customers in the form of products that are the best bang for your buck. Our Ven-Gel line of organoclays offer options that cover all types of non aqueous base fluids and our dedication to continual improvement and innovation will keep these products performing at high levels and remaining the most cost effective options. Schedule a call and we can discuss how better performance doesn’t have to cost more.


When the best performance for the price is your recipe for success our ENV line of liquid products are the right ingredients for your fluid systems. If you have been paying a premium for over diluted products from resellers we are available to discuss how you can get your fluids cooking again with quality products at fair prices. With decades of experience researching and developing suspension techniques we have an added value to the ENV line of liquid products that will help make your fluid systems the envy of your competition.