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fluid loss

We know you have options for the prevention and remediation of HTHP fluid loss and that losing filtrate to the formation can cost valuable time and cause rheology and density problems that when left unchecked will balloon into even more problems. Enventives has been the world’s leader in modified lignite technologies for use in non damaging HTHP fluids. We know we can help you with fluid loss solutions for all types of fluids and temperature requirements. Call us for a consultation and introduction to high performance modified lignite derivatives for your HTHP fluid applications.

Oil-based Mud

Base fluid can be expensive and when it’s allowed to invade your formation the results can be disastrous and costly. Maintaining the necessary balance required to deliver your well on time and in budget requires quality products utilized correctly. Our lignite derivatives have been field proven all over the world for fluid loss control and mud conditioning providing enhanced ROP and the balance you need. Call for a consultation and to find about our premium oil based fluid loss additives.

Water-based Mud

Wasterbased fluid loss may not be as costly as oil-based fluid loss due to the cost of the base fluid but the ancillary complications and formation damage can be just as problematic.

As the world’s leader in developing the industries most advanced lignite derivatives for waterbased HTHP fluid loss we can show you how to rise up to the challenges presented by designing today’s waterbased fluid systems. Call us today for a consultation and see what tools we can add to your tool box.