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Viscosity (building and controlling) is the name of the game when it comes to O&G fluids.  Without proper viscosity the potential for catastrophic results are imminent, from formation cave-ins, fluid invasion, inefficient solids removal, stuck pipe or loss of ROP – all costly headaches that you do not need. For over 40 years we have been helping customers like you perfect their fluid rheologies to maximize the potential and cost effectiveness of their drilling fluid programs. Schedule a call today, we are here to help.


Do you have issues with solids settling, products that are not yielding, or in general do you feel like you are not getting the viscosity you have paid for? Enventives has a history of R&D of high performance oil and water based fluids and our values of providing quality products at fair prices enables you to rest assured you are getting the best rheology and maximum viscosity for your O&G fluid dollars. Dry and liquid viscosifier options are available for onshore and offshore applications with formulations to fit your specific needs. We have many products listed and capabilities for your custom formulation needs. Call us with your ideas, we’d be glad to help you realize your maximum viscosity.


Did your bentonite finally yield and now the Vis is too high, pump pressure too high, or loss of ROP? If dilution is not your preferred option, we have thinners to reduce the unwanted viscosity.  We know how important rheology is to you and controlling the flow properties of your fluid is essential to success. Let our background in viscosity control work for you. We have options to help you control your flow properties and rheological profile to suspend and release cuttings like a good fluid should.l  Enventives has been helping our partners achieve efficient and smooth operations by listening and providing quality products at fair prices. Your problems are never too big or too small, call us today with your ideas and let the collaboration begin. 


Are you less than satisfied with your organoclay? Having difficulty suspending your weighting materials? Don’t have the carrying capacity to clean your hole? Our team at Enventives has invested over 40 years in the R&D of the Ven-Gel line of products for OBM viscosity and rheology modification. We believe in providing quality products at fair prices. Call us today, drill better wells tomorrow.


Looking for easy to use quality clay free viscosifiers to design low-solids fluids that have effective carrying and suspending properties. There are plenty of options out there for you but our philosophy of quality products at fair prices will allow you to rest assured you are getting all of the viscosity and performance you are paying for. We have a history of R&D into high performance water based fluids and can offer quality suspensions and solutions for delivery of liquid viscosity building polymers for your water based fluid applications. From drilling fluids to coiled tubing to completions and cleanouts we can provide assistance in keeping you in control of the flow. Call us today to chat about viscosity.