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Maybe you have an idea or different application in mind? The chemistry we develop and the processes we have, can be utilized in many other categories both inside and outside of the energy industry. From Lubes to Foundry additives, everything else is here.  If you see something that you like or would like to discuss something you may think we can help you with – give us a call.  Work that matters, with people that care.


We’ve had several technologies pass thru that have proven value to the agriculture industry. Do you have an interest in enhanced root stimulation, increased seed germination rates or reduced amounts of chemicals needed for fertilization? Schedule a call to discuss your issues and our solutions. 


Do you lack precision in your precision molds? Is your green sand mixture not meeting your demands? Our fiber additives when utilized as green sand additives can give you the precision your customers demand. Schedule a call to learn more about our foundry products.


From soil stabilization to flocculation chemistry our Industrial additives can assist you with your toughest challenges. Schedule a call to discuss your problems, process challenges and issues that you are just not happy with how it’s going currently.