An Aphron Fluid systems is a solids free, high performance waterbased fluid. Aphron Fluid systems excel in low pressure environments with extreme pressure differentials. For drilling, workover and completions applications these fluids can save considerable amounts of time while minimizing formation damage and fluid losses.


The problems associated with developing severely depleted reservoirs can be a frustrating challenge. Enventives understand your frustrations and believe you can successfully mitigate these problems. We have a history of research, development and manufacture of products and fluid systems specifically targeted to address your depleted formation requirements. Aphron Fluid systems have helped operators and drilling fluids companies to eliminate casing strings from their well design since the mid 1990’s reducing overall days on location and well construction costs. Aphron Fluid systems have reduced the chemical costs and days required for clean up and completion operations and wells drilled with Aphron Fluid systems have shown increases in reservoir performance. Our Aphron Fluid system is a solids-free system that is unmatched in drilling depleted zones, excels as a clean out fluid and can offer loss circulation control in a growing number of applications. When you see opportunity where others can only see obstacles call Enventives.