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Our Proprietary Poly Hydroxy Silicate Technology (MMS) for Enhanced Bentonite Rheology & Gel-Strength Modification


Water Based


Ven-BHC is our proprietary Poly Hydroxy Silicate technology. Ven-BHC is an inorganic, synthetic gel-strength modifier designed for water-based drilling, milling and completion fluids. Ven-BHC is a proprietary Poly-Hydroxy Silicate technology. Ven-BHC provides borehole stability and superior hole cleaning for milling of casing and drilling highly deviated or horizontal sections as well as straight hole drilling applications. This fluid is especially effective when drilling unconsolidated, unstable, stressed or faulted formations. The Ven-BHC drilling fluid system is an environmentally safe fluid system that achieves higher ROP, reduces drilling days, has few system components and is easy to use. Ven-BHC works with Bentonite, Attapulgite and Sepiolite. Ven-BHC can be used with either Premium ‘un-treated’ bentonite or Peptized ‘treated’ bentonite. Ven-BHC provides high YP with low funnel viscosity. Ven-BHC has high ‘low end’ rheological properties and optimizes hole cleaning capabilities. A Ven-BHC drilling fluid system is capable of zero ‘slip’ velocity for excellent suspension characteristics with virtually zero shear stress at the borehole. A Ven-BHC drilling fluid system maintains filtration control in the presence of contaminants. A Ven-BHC drilling fluid system will minimize torque and drag. A Ven-BHC drilling fluid system requires no special or sophisticated rig equipment, just good solids control.