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fluid systems

We understand the complexities that go into choosing a drilling fluid system. There are many different kinds of drilling fluids systems, but these systems have one thing in common, they determine the kind of results you get, how easily you get them and your overall well construction costs. Selecting the best system is a delicate balance between these three variables. You want to have results and speed maximized while minimizing the effort required. 

Enventives has drilling fluid systems and products that can help you overcome these hurdles. We will work directly with you or your drilling fluid service provider to help ensure your requirements are being met. Call us today to start getting better results tomorrow.


Do you think you have to use specialty bentonite and costly polymers to build your Thixotropic drilling and milling fluids? We can show you how to build a Thixotropic drilling and milling fluid without expensive polymers and with any grade of bentonite. These Ven-BHC fluids will have better hole cleaning and cuttings carrying capacity than more costly polymer fluids are capable of producing. Sidetracking can be easier and faster. Upper hole drilled to TD in less time and with casing run all the way to bottom. Give us a call and we can show you how we can help you to reduce your costs and frustrations by supplying real solutions to the problems that concern you.


An Aphron Fluid systems is a solids free, high performance waterbased fluid. Aphron Fluid systems excel in low pressure environments with extreme pressure differentials. For drilling, workover and completions applications these fluids can save considerable amounts of time while minimizing formation damage and fluid losses.