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A premium Sulphonated Asphalt for fluid loss and shale control.


Oil Based

Water Based


Ven-Phalt HPS™ is a premium high performance engineered asphalt sulphonate additive. Ven-Phalt HPS™ is specifically designed with greater solubility properties in the aqueous phase for increased performance in waterbased fluids. Ven-Phalt HPS™ has a thermal stability up to 500° F in drilling applications. Ven-Phalt HPS™ is an effective multi purpose mud conditioner designed to stabilize shale formations, markedly increase lubricity, and lower HTHP water loss. Ven-Phalt HPS™ enhances the filter cake properties in drilling muds. Ven-Phalt HPS™ can be mixed with standard rig equipment and does not require any other additives during the mixing process. Ven-Phalt HPS™ will inhibit the dispersion of drilled solids and reacts with shales to prevent swelling, sloughing, bit balling and stickiness.