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A premium leonardite.


Water Based


VEN-LIG, an oxidized lignite, is a highly efficient, multipurpose mud conditioner. It is used in water based muds to (1) reduce viscosity and gels and to maintain desirable flow properties; (2) improve aging characteristics in high temperature fluids by controlling fluidity, (3)reduce high pressure, high temperature filtrates and provide tough, thin filter cakes; (4) thin and emulsify oil-in-water or liquid lubricant containing fluids; (5) reduce effects of contaminants; and (6) control the equivalent circulating density by maintaining suitable flow properties. VEN-LIG is referred to mineralogically as “Leonardite.” It is sufficiently different from lignite-grade coal to warrant a different mineral name.


Ven Vis is a high molecular weight biopolymer. The product is derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of shellfish like shrimp or crabs. Ven Vis is formed through N-deacetylation of the chitin molecule. Ven-Vis has been used as an agricultural seed coating, indusrial viscosifier and in water treatment applications.