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Organic polymers & complexing chemicals that form a time-delayed, self-complexing plug.




Water Based

Oil Based


Ven-Block™ is a blend of special organic polymers and auxiliary complexing chemicals. The blended product forms a time-delayed, self-complexing plug. Ven-Block™ forms a tough, insoluble, rubbery material that can be used as a temporary or permanent lost circulation product in drilling, completion, and workover fluids. Ven-Block™ can be mixed in fresh water, sea water, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, or brines. The product can be weighted up to 19 lb/gal with barite or iron carbonate. Lower weights can be achieved with calcium carbonate or sized salts. Ven-Block™ is a nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonpolluting polymer based lost circulation material.


Ven-Set 950™ is designed to consolidate, stabilize and assist in compacting soils. Compaction and soil stabilization are important in many areas but is essential in preparing the base soil in roadbeds. Ven-Set 950™ is a proprietary product formulated around highly reactive, inorganic and organic polymers containing dispersants, surface active agents and other synergists. Ven-Set 950™ gels, crosslinks, polymerizes and hardens in the presence of many of the materials commonly found in soil. The proprietary compounds in Ven-Set 950™ are designed to react with many of the inorganic and organic components in soil such as limestone, iron ores, caliche, clays, gumbos, sandstone, cement, etc. Ven-Set 950™ is a completely environmentally safe product. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-allergenic. Ven-Set 950™ is easy to use. The water-soluble concentrate is diluted on site with the proper amount of water and applied with a conventional water truck. Ven-Set 950™ is recommended for any area of soil stabilization where it is desirable to reduce permeability to water, improve load-bearing capacity, and to reduce soil plasticity. Embankments, levees, ponds, and temporary load bearing areas are other potential areas requiring soil stabilization. Although the Ven-Set 950™ binding process involves a relatively complex set of chemical steps and reactions, it is simple to apply under field conditions. Ven-Set 950™ is a highly effective dust and wind erosion control agent. The binding agents in Ven-Set 950™ form strong, cohesive films between dust particles. These binding capabilities bind and agglomerate potential dust particles into larger size particles that are less susceptible to dust formation.