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Ven Trol 401TM

Asphalting/MCF blend for HTHP fluid loss and seepage loss control.


seepage loss

moderate loss

severe loss


Ven-Trol 401™ is a multipurpose drilling fluid additive designed to stabilize shale, prevent cuttings dispersion and provide lubricity in both water and oil base muds. Ven-Trol 401™ is designed to reduce problems associated with drilling fluid sensitive shales. Ven-Trol 401™ incorporate an oil dispersible resin on a micronized cellulose fiber. The fibrous base provides a significant increase in seepage loss control, thereby improving the shale stabilizing capabilities of the oil dispersible resin. A significant additional function of Ven-Trol 401™ is the ability to control seepage loss in low-pressure unconsolidated sands and to control fluid wetting of microfractured shale sections. Certain asphalt derivatives, hydrocarbon resins, and other types of nonaqueous base products have been shown in both laboratory and field tests to be effective in preventing filtrate invasion into microfractured shales and tend to stabilize such shales, particularly brittle shale. Ven-Trol 401™ is effective in preventing differential sticking of drill pipe in drilling fluid systems, particularly in low pressure and/or depleted sands. By filtering into the wall cake, it provides effective sealing properties as well as improved wall cake lubricity. Ven-Trol 401™ has been pretreated to make it readily and easily dispersible in water base systems. No additional dispersants need be added. Ven-Trol 401™ is dispersible in both oil and water. It exhibits little solubility, however, in either diesel oil or water, except at elevated temperatures. As the temperature increases or the aromatic content of the oil is increased, some increase in the solubility of Ven-Trol 401™ will be observed.


Ven Vis is a high molecular weight biopolymer. The product is derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of shellfish like shrimp or crabs. Ven Vis is formed through N-deacetylation of the chitin molecule. Ven-Vis has been used as an agricultural seed coating, indusrial viscosifier and in water treatment applications.