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A premium foundry sand additive to improve sand flowability and to enhance physical characteristics of green sand molds.

General Information

Ven-Cast is a micronized, surface modified organic fiber derivative. It is composed of solid, elongated, fibrous particles which range in size from a few microns to 1 mm in length. Ven-Cast is prepared by chemical and mechanical degradation of selected organic fibers. The extremely fine fibers are chemically modified to produce a novel class of derivatives, having unique properties from most commercially available products.  The primary application of Ven-Cast is in sand systems used for casting aluminum, magnesium, brass and bronze alloys.

Ven-Cast provides the following benefits:

  • improves flowability of the molding sand;
  • increases dry strength;
    reduces water requirements;
  • develops excellent pattern conformity;
  • retains sharp edges of the mold;
  • inhibits expansion defects;
  • promotes cleaner sand peel;
  • has negligible smoke and/or fumes;
  • does not waterproof bentonites.