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Ven-Block™ is a blend of special organic polymers and auxiliary complexing chemicals. The blended product forms a time-delayed, self-complexing plug. Ven-Block™ forms a tough, insoluble, rubbery material that can be used as a temporary or permanent lost circulation product in drilling, completion, and workover fluids.


Ven-Block™ can be mixed in fresh water, sea water, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, or brines. The product can be weighted up to 19 lb/gal with barite or iron carbonate. Lower weights can be achieved with calcium carbonate or sized salts. Ven-Block™ is a nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonpolluting polymerbased lost circulation material.


For over four (4) decades our team has supplied the oil & gas industry with Ven-Fyber 201™ and Delta-P™ the original premium seepage loss products designed specifically for problems related to highly permeable formations. The Enventives Fyber with a Y Technology is based on our knowledge and R&D from the original cellulose fiber patents to today. Those original patents are the basis for all modern-day fiber LCM products. Only products from Enventives utilize our process know-how and are manufactured by our chemical and mechanical degradation of selected plant cellulose. The extremely fine cellulose fibers are surface modified to produce a novel class of cellulose derivatives having different properties and different functions than most commercially available cellulose derivatives. 

Remedy™ is a one sack treatment system designed to prevent and mitigate mud losses in all types of drilling fluids. Remedy™ can be used alone or to enhance ongoing background treatments of the active system and can also be used with our Ven-Fyber™ products as a fluid treatment system. Remedy™ is also excellent in sweeps for prevention of lost circulation when drilling troubled zones where a more aggressive approach is required or in pills for moderate to severe losses when encountered. 

Remedy™ can be used in a variety of methods for the prevention and cure of downhole mud losses, Remedy™ can be pumped thru conventional downhole tools which allows the product to be used while drilling in standard background treatments for seepage loss. Remedy™ is excellent when used in sweeps and pills for moderate to severe losses.

Background system treatments when approaching troubled zones should be treated with 5-15 ppb of Remedy™ depending on severity of anticipated losses and formation types. Treatments of the active fluid system have been successful in the elimination or reduction of whole fluid loss to thief zones while promoting strong thin filter cakes and enhancing the hoop stress of the weak formations. The Active System can be maintained with 20-30 bbl. sweeps every connection during drilling troubled zone with a 25-50 ppb concentration of Remedy™ to aggressively seal the newly drilled formation and to maintain the background concentration. 

In the event of continuation of moderate to severe losses. Remedy™ can be used as a spotting pill at concentrations of up to 100 ppb thru the BHA preventing costly trips. The Remedy™ pill should be spotted at or above lost zone and allow pill to be introduced into formation via soft squeeze in order to form a concentrated seal which will eliminate losses. A hesitation squeeze procedure can also be introduced by utilizing Remedy™ as a dewatering pill should losses continue. Consult your Enventives representative for additional information and recommendation for using as a squeeze application. 

Remedy™ can be used advantageously in conjunction with our other ‘Fyber with a Y’ products designed for seepage to severe fluid loses: Ven-Fyber™ (fine, medium, coarse), Delta-P™, Delta P-RO™ and Delta P Black™. The Enventives ‘Fyber with a Y ‘products perform better requiring less product in your drilling fluid, allowing your drilling fluid to perform to its fullest potential. Our products have been developed to work in the field not to beat a lab test or look pretty during a sales pitch. 

The proactive, preventative measures to mitigate Seepage Loses and Lost Circulation are often more effective than the reactive mitigation programs implemented after whole fluid losses have occurred.



  1. Can be used in place of conventional lost circulation material to stop lost circulation and prevent blow-outs.
  2. Recommended for all types of lost circulation zones.
  3. Seals fractured limestone/dolomite, sandstone, and shale.
  4. Small pills of Ven-Block™ can be used to stabilize unconsolidated gravel zones.
  5. Small pills can be spotted in high permeability sand to minimize differential sticking.
  6. A 10-20 bbl pill of Ven-Block™ ahead of the cement can prevent loss of low viscosity cement.
  7. Water flows can be shut off by squeezing Ven-Block™ into the zone prior to drilling ahead.
  8. Ven-Block™ can be used in conjunction with other lost circulation materials such as VEN-PLUG™/VEN-PLEX™ for improved plugging and drilling operations.

Workover and completion

  1. Ven-Block™ can be used for sealing casing leads in old or damaged casing and tubing strings.
  2. Ven-Block™ can be used to correct injection profiles and water injection on disposal wells.
  3. Ven-Block™ can be used to stop lost circulation of highly permeable sands during workover operations.
  4. Ven-Block™ can be designed to revert to a low viscosity water solution at a predetermined time by using a small concentration of VEN-BREAK™ 15, enzyme breaker. Set times can be extended by using VEN-XTEND™.
  5. Ven-Block™ may be spotted inside a tubing or work string. It then acts as a readily removable plug. A concentric tubing string or coiled tubing may be worked through this plug.
  6. Ven-Block™ is useful for diverting acid during well cleanup or stimulation operations.