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A Premium Severe Loss Circulation Material.




Oil Based

Water Based


Quick Swell is an improved solution for severe to complete loss of returns to be utilized prior to pumping cement or our Quick-Squeeze slurry. Quick Swell has been specifically developed to mix on site with conventional rig equipment. The Quick Swell unique chemistry will produce a viscous slurry designed to flow into down-hole loss zones were it will swell and seal large fractures providing a base to prevent cement or dewatering squeeze products from flowing into the loss area and allowing them to harden and produce their intended results. Quick Swell is a proprietary blend of organic polymers and and our super absorbent material specifically designed to pump down hole as a viscous fluid and to swell up in fractures. Quick Swellis used in conjunction with QS PreTreat to treat the make up water to maintain a conducive environment for the slurry. SpaceRite and Space Gel are specifically developed to pump in between the Quick Swell slurry and the Quick Squeeze or cement slurry. A Quick Swell slurry can be weighted with barite or other weighing materials to achieve a desired slurry weight.


The Clean Seal™ product line of drilling fluid additives has been developed as our Acid Soluble solution for the reduction of seepage loss, control of fluid loss, as well as well-bore stability and strengthening. Clean Seal Fine™ has been engineered to aid in the remediation of seepage loss to moderate loss of circulation in your pay zone and other formations where clean out is essential. Clean Seal Fine™ is greater than 97% acid soluble in either organic or mineral acids for ease of removal during the well completion stage. Our Clean Seal™ products are a blend of Acid Soluble particles and plugging agents specifically engineered to bridge and seal permeable formations. Clean Seal™ products are effective for use in water, oil, or synthetic based drilling fluid systems. Clean Seal™ products do not affect the rheological properties of drilling fluid systems. Clean Seal™ products are effective at both preventing loss circulation from occurring and in treating loss circulation after it has occurred. Clean Seal™ products can be used in combination with other lost circulation materials to control partial to severe losses and to increase wellbore stability.