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A Multi-Purpose, calcium-tolerant drilling fluid lubricant for oil & water based mud.


Water Based


ENV-LUBE V™ is a proprietary blend consisting of modified fatty acid derivatives and surfactants developed specifically as a high performance calcium tolerant drilling fluid lubricant. Engineered for for use in both aqueous and non-aqueous based fluids ENV-Lube V™ provides a lubricious coating to metal surfaces and particles in the fluid and well bore. ENV-Lube V™ is oil soluble and easily dispersible in water.


Ven-Lube™ IV is a non-toxic multipurpose lubricant engineered for aqueos based fluid applications. Ven-Lube IV reduces torque and drag and the potential for differential sticking by reducing the coeficent of friction in the most commonly used water based mud systems. Ven-Lube™ is recommended for use in the mitigation of differential sticking and bit balling. Ven-Lube™ IV typical concentrations range from 3% to 6 % by volume depending on the properties of the fluid system and the desired reduction of torque and drag. Pill and sweep applications will require higher concentrations and are an effective method of system maintenance.