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A Multi purpose drilling fluid lubricant designed for use in Ven-BHC Fluids as well as  MMO & MMH systems.


Water Based

Oil Based


BHC-Lube™ is a bio-based, non petroleum based lubricant developed for providing lubricity to water-based drilling fluids. BHC-Lube™ is biodegradable, non-toxic and specifically engineered for low to no environmental impact. BHC-Lube™ VI is recommended for use whenever friction caused from surface to surface contact is anticipated, BHC-Lube™ is well suited for use in MMO, MMH and MMS water-based drilling fluid systems because it has minimal to no effect on the rheological properties of these drilling fluid systems. BHC-Lube™ was developed to lubricate the drilling fluid system to provide increased lateral reach by reducing the coefficient of friction between the bit and formation and the BHA and the casing.


MM Lube™ has been developed to provide superior friction reduction and rheological stabilization of the fluid.

MM Lube™ is designed to provide excellent lubricity while remaining environmentally friendly.

MM Lube™ has outstanding film strength to provide lubrication where you need it, when you need it.

MM Lube™ has shown to provide exceptional lubrication to MMO, MMH and MMS water-based drilling fluids.