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With the changing environment in the oil industry, we are seeing a change in the way many companies are looking at the value and economics of specialty chemicals and drilling fluid additives. As the market changes and learns how to operate within a challenging environment, Enventives wants to bring our products and solutions to your company directly - delivering you the best products at the best price for all of your needs encountered during drilling.


To compete with the best products in the market today, you have to be buying your products from the Company that is making those products.


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From patenting the original core technology for seepage-loss additives to the ground breaking AphronICS Fluid System, we are continually bringing new and innovative solutions to the industry. Inventing and manufacturing is our core business and our results are industry proven. Let us help your company get ahead of the curve while staying within your budget.

Micronized Cellulosic Fiber

Based on our orignal patented technology to micronize & surface modify any type of celllose our products are in use all over the globe due to their superior and proven performance. Our technology is utilized in seepage loss, severe loss circulation squeeze products as well as pill and sweep applications.


Loss Circulation & Wellbore Stability Products

Organophillic Lignites (Amine-Treated Lignites)

Organo-lignites are fluid-loss additives in oil-base drilling fluids that have been effectively used in situations where there have been concerns over potential formation damage due to asphalt-containing oil-base muds. Organo-lignites can replace gilsonite in oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluid systems.

Other Lignite Based Fluid Loss Additives

Our specially designed lignite products for use in aqueous fluid systems provide improved filtration control and thinning, and stabilize rheological properties.


Modified Lignite Products

Lubricant Products

As the drilling, completion, and production technologies are ever changing, lube requirements must evolve with the changes. Complex lubes, in many cases, are required and demanded for getting the results required in the complex fluids and environments that are present in today’s fluids. Due to the rapid change in various lube requirements, improved lube technology has proven that they can contribute to the success of a project. Enventives has developed a series of lubes that meet the demands of today’s drilling, completion, and production requirements. Each lube is specifically formulated for each type of fluid being used and friction being encountered.


Lubricant Products

Aphron Technologies

The Aphron Systems are unique drilling fluid systems capable of delivering solids free invasion control through severe thief zones enabling the production of previously unexplorable reservoir formations.


Our patented poly hydroxy silicate technology developed to provide increased borehole stability and superior hole cleaning.


Drilling Fluid Systems Products

Specialty Products

A wide variety of solutions for common, to not so common challenges in today’s oil and gas environment. At enventives our dedication to continual improvement and our desire to provide our customers with unique solutions and the highest performance products available have enabled us to develop and offer many specialty products. Some of these products are a natural evolution from the research and development of our other products. Some have been special product solutions requested by customers or the industry. All are a result of our passion for the technologies we have developed, studied and strived to continually enhance through technological advancements.


Specialty Products

What we do

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Private Labeling & Custom Blending

You know what you want? We are here to lower your costs on your customer blended products. Give us a call and let us know your needs, and we can find or develop a product that is exactly what you are looking for – with your name on it. Combined with our top of the line Specialty products & service your can increase your margins on your staple products and not miss out on the premium products the 3rd party companies are saying you don't have.


Toll Processing

You know exactly what materials you want and where you want to get them from. Let us do the dirty work. Our facilities are capable of mixing and blending to your specifications. We offer a wide variety of packaging options. Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Research & Development

Based in Lafayette, LA our primary laboratory serves multiple purposes, including technical support services, quality assurance testing and research & development of innovative new products and constant improvement of our current product line. It is equipped with drilling fluid testing equipment, analytical tools and specialty reaction vessels.


Permian Basin Logistics

In the heart of the Permian Basin, our Seagraves TX facility is an ideal strategic location for oil & gas logistical support. With 119 acres of storage land for operational support, 75,000 square feet of warehousing space and rail service, Enventives can provide logistics for any of your oil & gas operations. Our facilities can provide 24 hour service for product storage & handling, blending and manufacturing of all products used in drilling, frac, completion and production operations.


Global Sourcing

With decades of industry experience, we know where to find what you’re looking for. We’ve already searched the globe for the highest quality, most cost-effective materials, so let our network of suppliers meet your needs.


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